The Adjustments For Sports in an Unusual Year


Oscar Camacho sits on the Lake View High School athletic field after the football season was canceled.

Cavan Malayter, Editor

IHSA postpones fall sports on July 29th, 2020 over concerns of COVID-19 spread at their sporting events.

The postponement of select fall sports forced Lake View players, coaches, and administrators to adjust to a new sports schedule, which has proven to be difficult for many.

This was one of the bigger challenges. We are usually pretty strict about coming to a minimum amount of summer conditioning each week, as it’s hard to feel confident running in meets without base mileage” said Justine Hunter, one of the head coaches for the Cross Country team at Lake View.  “This year, we had to be a lot more flexible about letting runners run from home and send screenshots…and making the practices more optional.” 

Even though it is tough to have a flexible summer conditioning schedule, it may not be as tough as starting your season at an unconventional time of year. 

“Starting in February is something no one is truly ready, in my 3 seasons here at Lake View it’s always been conditioning when were not in season, and nothing but practice and games in the season, I personally am affected as the pandemic really slowed things down for me and my training, I might’ve decided on a college by now, we might’ve been getting ready for the playoffs, I would possibly be playing my last game of high school football… None of the seniors that have been working hard since their freshman year are getting their recognition at a Pep Rally or at the homecoming game with family, it’s a sad feeling when you start to think of the things we missed out as a team, but we’re bringing the best we can for February.” Said Oscar Camacho, a senior on the Lake View Football team.  

In addition to students, the cancelation is also a major concern for the administration who have been working to keep a sense of normalcy for student-athletes this year.

“This year’s going to be hard for a lot of student-athletes, who rely on their teams for so many things: physical exercise of course, but also camaraderie and social support, structure, and cohesion, and of course scholarships and college opportunities.” Said Dr. Karafiol, the Principal of Lake View High School. 

A final view from the students’ perspective lays responsibility for all the changes on the IHSA.

 “My message to the IHSA would be to try everything they can before they try to suspend the last season of many high school seniors.,” senior Oscar Camacho said. 

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