Lake View Roar

2020-2021 Staff

Issabella Ortiz


Issabella is a senior at Lake View High School. She's a photographer and hoping to move on to become a film major. This is her first and last year being a part of the journalism class at Lake View. Throughout the duration of this...

Jose Robledo


A hardworking person that gets what needs to be done, done.

Shamira Flores


Shamira Flores is a senior at Lake View High School and is looking forward to graduating and continuing her journey of becoming a Neonatal Nurse. Outside of school she loves going downtown, shopping and spending time with her...

Melanie cardenas


Melanie Cardenas is a senior in Lake View High school, she's been working hard since her freshmen year and trying her best this year to apply to many colleges in Chicago. She wants to stay here in Chicago for college and become...

Oscar Camacho


An accomplished student both athletically and academically, Oscar Camacho is a senior of the 21' class and is looking to make an impact onto the Lake View Roar in his final year. You don't expect a football player to be the one...

Ryan Kalnmals


Ryan is very passionate about computer science and topics involving technology. He likes staying up to date with the innovations and break throughs in the industry and wants to pursue a career in software engineering. He is also...

Karla Bueno


Karla Bueno is a member of the class of 2021. As a senior, this is Karla's first and final year participating in Lake View High Schools journalism class, as well as writing for the Lake View Roar website. She has been involved...

David Rubio


David is a senior at Lake View Highschool, he likes to draw his favorite amines when he has nothing else to do. reading and writing has never been in his forte but when it comes to math, he is one to watch. he has a pet snapping...

Bryant Vidal


Bryant Vidal, a senior at Lake View High School, is currently enrolled in the schools journalism elective. Throughout the year, he has focused on bettering his writing ability through the process of writing stories and reviews....

John Talley


Mr.Talley spends his time taking photos with both his film and digital camera. He enjoys portraits and sports photography. When he is not taking pictures you can find him on his bike in the Mountains. Write My 3-5 sentence...

Cavan Malayter


Cavan Malayter (He/His/Him) is a senior at Lake View High School. The 2020-2021 school year is Malayter's second year with the Newspaper and first year as Editor-In-Chief. In addition to his work with the LV Roar, Malayter is...

Anthony Marin

Anthony Marin is a senior at Lake View High School, He's very passionate about streaming video games and loves to watch Anime. He wants to achieve his dream job which is streaming on Twitch and get paid for playing video games....

Shawntynia marie smith


Shawntynia is a persistant encouraging writer who always looks for the truth in a story. She wants to be helpful and might need extra time with things. she works hard and earns the grades she gets.she wants to be a lawyer to help...

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