Tick Tock

Alexandra Brito

Should you make a career out of online media at the surf quarantine tick Tock had reached 150 million downloads teams had gonna downloading spree with the app in #200 attainment took to casinos in new and fresh air for Gen Z. Creating a path Curtis for users on the app and providing content to ones liking. Internet influences like Charlie Demilio, Addison Rae, Ann, CMA, Alrosa fame in the last year or so and get an insane amount of popularity. This shows just how powerful tick tock is.

I’m here today with Jason manner, a teen who is tick Tock to discuss what tick Tock is all about and if it is worth making a career out of it. What is tick tock and how does it work?

Tick Tock is an app that you’re able to post videos for entertainment or just to have fun memories of yourself.

And how it works is that you’re able to post videos no longer than a minute. Anne could be short and entertaining at the same time.

What’s your favorite content to see on the app?

I would say that my favorite content on tick time could be like. Funny videos ’cause I like the videos there make me laugh and I like sharing it with my friends.

Do most or all of your friends have tick tock.

Yes, most of my friends have two tanks, so we’re able to share videos that we like or think are funny back to each other.

How did you find out about the app?

I found out about Tik T.O.K because it used to be called musically and I had musically and then it changed to Tik T.O.K which is now. So I’ve already known about it.